Traveling Toddler, LLC
ATTN: Britax owners.  If our product appears to be too short to attach to your LATCH straps, you may need to move your LATCH straps to the forward facing position.  Please see your Britax owner’s manual for more information.

Traveling with children can seem intimidating.  Just getting to the airplane can seem like a huge feat.  How will you carry all of the things you need for a day of traveling, plus the car seat and a toddler?  We have the solution.  The Traveling Toddler strap allows you to attach a toddler’s car seat to a rolling carry-on suitcase, creating a convenient travel stroller perfect for the airport.

Simply attach the LATCH and top tether straps from the car seat to the Traveling Toddler and adjust the straps so that the car seat is held securely on the suitcase. The car seat can be detached and reattached to the suitcase in seconds, when going through security. Lift the handle of your carry-on bag and you have a fun new stroller.

Now there's an easy and inexpensive way to take your toddler's car seat and other gear on your trip. You do not have to buy a special car seat or suitcase. As long as your suitcase handle locks in place, you can push it like a stroller. Your hands are free for check in and its simple to unhook for security and when boarding the airplane. Keep your child safe and comfortable in their own seat .  For some children it makes flying less scary if they are in their own car seat.

The Traveling Toddler has been tested with most major car seat brands including Graco, Eddie Bauer, Cosco, Evenflo, and Britax, and a variety of carry-on suitcases and has worked with every combination. It is important that the telescoping handle of your suitcase locks in place. If not, it might not stay extended when you try to push your child in front of you, though you would still be able to pull them. If flying, make sure that your car seat is FAA approved before traveling.

The Traveling Toddler strap is made from heavyweight polypropylene webbing that will withstand 900 lbs of force. When not in use it easily slips in the pocket of your carry-on. As with any other wheeled child carrier, do not use the Traveling Toddler on stairs or escalators.   We recommend testing our product before getting to the airport so you will be familiar with how it works.

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